RUGIT Council Constitution

1 - Title

The name of the Society is RUGIT (Russell Group IT Directors).

2 - Address

RUGIT is located in the United Kingdom. The current address for correspondence can be obtained from the Secretary – [Henrik Brogger -]

3 – Mission

Provide leadership in the effective, efficient and innovative provision of Information Technology and Systems to further the aims of research-led universities.

Facilitate an environment of "one voice", when appropriate, for the enhancement of Information Technologies on behalf of the Russel Group of Universities.

Contribute to the use and advancement of Information Technology across the Higher Education sector, both within the UK and internationally, through active collaboration and sharing.

4 - Funding

RUGIT is empowered to raise funds and to receive contributions by way of subscriptions, donations or otherwise, provided that RUGIT shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for its primary objectives – Refer to Appendix 1; Aims and Objectives.

The RUGIT Council may for such time, at such remuneration and upon such conditions as it may think fit, employ staff to assist in the pursuance of its objectives.

5 - Membership

Membership of RUGIT is open to all Russell Group universities. Upon payment of the annual subscription by the due date agreed by the Annual General Meeting, each eligible organisation shall be a full member of RUGIT Council.

Each member institution shall be entitled to send up to two named representatives to Council meetings. Within their institutions, the representatives shall have responsibility for academic computing services, management information services and/or IT and Information Strategies.

6 - Governance

6.1 - Council

RUGIT will hold General Meetings of representatives from eligible member organisations which shall be known as the RUGIT Council.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the RUGIT Council. The annual subscription will be set at this meeting.

At least twenty-one days’ notice shall be given of the Annual General Meeting.

During any General Meeting no vote may be taken unless representatives of at least 60% of the full institutional membership are present.

Each full member institution shall be entitled to one vote at Annual General Meeting and other Special General Meetings except that the Chair Person shall have both a deliberative vote and a casting vote.

6.2 - Executive Committee

There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of a Chair Person, Vice-Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be the officers of RUGIT. In addition, two additional officers may be elected ‘without portfolio’.

The officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by and from the representatives of its full Council members. To facilitate effective succession planning and provide continuity, the Chair Person will normally be elected from within the Executive Committee.

The officers shall each serve for a period of two years. No person shall be an officer for more than four consecutive years, following which there will be a gap of at least one year.

If a casual vacancy occurs among any of the officers between Annual General Meetings, such a vacancy shall be filled by the Executive Committee, ad hoc for the remaining period of the vacancy. Such period of office shall not count towards the period of office as set out above.

In determining the membership of the Executive Committee, the need to represent the various types and sizes of institutions and to reflect the range of interests shall be borne in mind.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to two additional members who need not be members of RUGIT Council. Such co-opted members shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting or any agreed date before the AGM.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to invite other persons to attend an Annual General Meeting or any meeting without voting rights. Each member of the Executive Committee shall have a single vote except that the Chair Person shall have both a deliberative vote and a casting vote.

7 - Amendment and Dissolution

This Constitution may be amended by a resolution passed by three-quarters of the institutional members of RUGIT present and voting at a Special General Meeting. At least 21 days’ notice shall be given of any Special General Meeting.

If upon the dissolution of RUGIT there remains, after the payment of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, this shall not be distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred to one or more charitable organisations having similar objectives.

8 - Current Officers

The officers and members of the Executive Committee are:

Chair: John Cartwright – University of Liverpool

Vice-Chair: TBA

Treasurer: James McCafferty – University College London

Secretary: Henrik Brogger – Queen Mary University of London

Approved by RUGIT Council, 30th November 2017

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RUGIT Council Constitution